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Project Category: Technology


Personal Interactive Information Cards

PiiCards (personal interactive information cards) are made especially for individuals engaged in the creative industries. Create your PiiCard with drag & drop simplicity. Our built-in themes are unique and exceptional or you can build your own with no coding and no additional…

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AI Staffing

Digital business cards coupled with Artificial Intelligent Agents (A. I. Staffing)  is not complicated, it’s necessary. Now you can leverage a first-of-its-kind AI staffing technology to transform your business.

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Shareable Digital Cards

Shareable Digital Cards is an offering specifically for freelancers, entrepreneurs, teams, and small groups. Shareable’s technology empowers you to effortlessly create and manage your digital business cards without all the techy stuff.

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Be Remarkable Cards

At the heart of Be Remarkable Cards is the vision to bridge the gap between offline and online interactions, providing a futuristic and effortless way of sharing information. With a simple touch, you can instantly share personalized digital business cards with…

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Tap and Go Devices

Tap & Go NFC technology makes sharing a digital business card incredibly easy. With just a simple tap, you can effortlessly send your contact information to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Better yet, your data stays private and is only visible to those…

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