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I2Ei Service Details

AboutA.I. Staffing is the Right  Solution for Your Business

Imagine the possibilities, with 25 AI employees, you’ll have a whole team of experts working for you around the clock, without the need to hire and train a new team of employees.

Each of our 25 AI employees specializes in a specific field, including lead generation, accounting, legal advice, marketing, sales coaching, social media management, and more. You can chat or talk to them like SIRI or Alexa, in multiple different languages, and ask them to create things and documents as often as you want.

StepsWhat We Do
for your Success


Business Processes Optimization

You can lease our AI Staff for a monthly fee, helping you expand your business and increase your profits.

Hire upto 20 A.I. Team Members

Lease your new A.I. team on a monthly basis. 100% Chat/Talk Privacy with our Fully Encrypted A.I. Staff.

With Website Embedding

We can embed an A.I. staff member on your website, so visitors can chat directly with your A.I. staff.

Custom Software Solutions

All history and conversations between your AI staff are saved forever on the software dashboard.

If you need you can to contact us any time

We have ample resources to service your business needs.

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