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Shareable vCards are designed to help you build meaningful


Shareable vCards are a smart alternative to traditional paper business cards. 

Did you know that 10 million paper business cards are printed yearly in the U.S. alone and 88% of them are lost or discarded in the first week?

What are Shareable vCards, and why are they better than paper cards?

Shareable vCards are electronic formats of paper cards that can be securely shared through email, text, social media, NFC technology, or QR codes.

THE POWER OF NOWCustomizable to fit your brand.


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As you know,A website and social media pages are just not enough

Shareables (vCards) are interactive links to all of the digital information that you’d like to share. 


Your business card needs to and can be a whole lot smarter.

When your contact information changes, and it will, informing everyone can be a pain. 

Your new “shareable” vCard will prove to be a real asset when networking with people in your industry.  Best of all, your data is safe, because our SAAS (software-as-a-service) platforms are cloud-based, 100% GPDA and CAN-spam compliant. 128- Bit secured, SSL security for maximum security.

Together We Are MightySay goodbye to wasteful paper cards.

Imagine the benefit of having a personal dashboard to manage all your contacts and online content you’ve created! And, you can make changes to your Shareable vCard at any time and it updates all of your contacts instantly.

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Start NowIt's not complicated, it's necessary.

Shareables vCards are an digital format of a business card that can be easily shared with others through email, text, social media, NFC technology, or QR codes.

Creating a Vcard Has Never Been This Easy!

You can design your Shareable (vCard) within minutes, and share them with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Add as Much Contact Info as You Want!

You can modify and update the essential information on your Shareable – whenever you want, however you want.

Your Shareable vCards is also environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and allow for easy updates.

No Additional Apps needed & Analytics are Included. It’s easy to set up your contact details, appointment calendar, portfolios, products, websites, social media links, or anything else. The simplicity of our Shareable (vCards), the receiving person doesn’t need an app or subscription to receive your information.

Our Shareable digital cards can include the same information as a paper card and more. Unlike paper cards, our Shareable vCards can also include multimedia elements such as images, videos, and links to websites. 

Control Everything From One Place: Keep track of your appointments, and get a view of who is looking at your Shareable vCards – all under one tab.

The Solution

In addition to your Shareable vCard (digital link) you will have the industry’s most powerful, and secure Tap & Go (NFC) devices

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Coupling your Shareable vCards with your Tap & Go device is the best way to keep your contact information organized and up-to-date. 

Tap & Go (near-frequency communications) devices are comparable to QR codes, only faster and easier, and your data is only visible to those you choose to share it with. 

It’s easy to enable Tap & Go Devices

Android device users can use one of these free apps: NFC Tools. If you use an iPhone XS or later, you don’t need any specific app.  If you use an iPhone 7, 8, X, or iOS 11+, use NiFC by NXP, it’s also free.


Pain Points

  • Paper-based cards are not eco-friendly and need to be reprinted every time you want to make an edit.
  • Limited space in paper-based cards means you can just include a handful of information without cluttering your card.
  • Paper-based business cards get thrown away or lost. Collecting and saving contact info from paper cards is inefficient.
  • You can’t track engagement with paper-based business cards.
  • You need to manually enter your leads into your CRM and marketing automation tool that connects with you via your paper-based card.

Solution / Examples

  • Shareable vCards can be edited whenever you want, saving you reprinting costs.
  • Shareables can have multiple links to online stores, social media platforms, videos, articles, etc.
  • Shareables have 2-way contact sharing features that let users automatically add contact details to their Apple or Android devices with just a click.
  • Your Shareables are trackable. You can analyze card usage and interactions and measure the ROI of your networking efforts.

Don’t worry about the techy stuff.

We understand one size does not fit all.

We have four (4) market-specific platforms for you to choose from.

What are you waiting for?

Your new Shareable vCard is the best and most cost-effective solution for sharing your contact information securely.

Best of all, we have simplified the issues that emerge when orchestrating innovation at scale,  and it can be deployed can be deployed in 3 simple steps.

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Choose a platform that best suites your needs

Choose a ready-made template and start creating your digital business card.

Customize your chosen Shareable vCard template

Set up your contact details, portfolio or anything else you want to share.

Activate your Tap & Go device, now you are ready to connect

Install a free app from the play store, paste your digital business card line.
3.   Templates for athletes & sports professionals

Shareable vCard Builder Platform

Powered by: Be Remarkable Innovation Lab
2.    Templates for small business owners and entrepreneurs

Shareable vCard Builder Platform

Powered by: Be Remarkable Innovation Lab
1.   For enterprises in various sectors

Shareable vCard Builder platform

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Empower your digital identity, and reach.


The right digital business card can generate 6X more professional engagements and 4x more meaningful contacts than other digital methods.


Why should you move from paper cards to Shareable Vcards?

Digital business cards to build ROI campaigns, engage with users on-premises, capture first-party data in the physical world, and drive direct sales.


Imagination, awareness, and our collective sense of responsibility will help to shape the world for the better.

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